New blog!

Dear Readers, I have moved my travel blog to Although I am currently not visiting any more Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, I hope that you will enjoy the new content. Thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Dami

Habitat ’67

Montreal, Quebec Moshe Safdie My journey to Habitat was a bit of a trek because I missed my stop at Pierre Dupuy. The bus took me all the way to Nun’s Island, but… Continue reading


My trip to Montreal was unfortunately cut into one night and one day. Met up with the girls for poutine the night I arrived and I had the next day to myself, before… Continue reading

Bicycle Hub

The first week of second semester always starts off with the Collaborative Exercise, where all years of the architecture program work together on a single project. The theme of this year’s project was… Continue reading

Tomato beef chow mein Went grocery shopping in the morning and made chow mein. Looking to cook more in the upcoming year.

Empire State of mind


Suburbs have gained such a negative connotation in the (new urbanist) architecture community that it’s weird to think that it’s still a growing commodity. I spent the past two weeks in Edinburgh, Southern… Continue reading

Thoughts on Zen, Work and Happiness

Coming to the quiet farms for Christmas is always the perfect break from the craze of the city and stress of work. When I look out my window, instead of seeing the vibrant… Continue reading


The topic for third year studio is the Office of the Future. We were to conceptualize a future office in a future office building, in accordance to our visions for the future lifestyles,… Continue reading


  It takes a city to support style and craft but it takes a great city to impose that style onto the world. It’s not about your building. It’s about the city.