Sunny Day

The weather today was amazing (six degrees and  sunshine!!!) and we had a field trip day to the Saint Jarvis cathedral.
Yesterday was a studio deadline so we hadn’t been outside in a while. I think being in the sunshine made us all happy because everyone was in such a good mood. I was so excited about summer I wore flipflops.
Every day should be like this. Chill in the sun, then work on studio.

While roaming around outside, two ladies from CBC came up and asked to interview me. A couple other students from Ryerson were also hauled in randomly. The interview was a blurp on young people’s stance in the elections. We were given out laptops to fill out an online questionnaire that gave us our place in the political spectrum and the parties’ policies we conformed to the most. I got Bloc Quebecois, which I thought was silly. I guess there’s more to them than being separatists. I am pretty indifferent about politics, but did it anyways for the hell of it. I told the lady that I have no interest in politics and at the end she continously asked me if I was more apathetic toward politics or if the survey has triggered an interest in any of the parties. I told her I am an architecture student so probably not. But I should pay more attention to the news.
The interview will be on CBC at nine tonight.

I’m feelin this today. by friend Kunal Sen.