The Truth against the World

 ”three things distinguish the legacy of each man: his search for truth, chimerical and elusive as it is; his search for artistic integrity and the beauty and utility he achieves in things he makes; his search and response in love for his fellow man, To excel in one is amazing; to excel in two is astounding; to excel in all is the mark of genius… to strive in all is to live life to the fullest”

 -Clifford L Helbert

I’m currently reading a book called “The Truth against the World” by Patrick J. Meehan. It’s a compilation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s speeches and conversations about organic architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright has been frequently recognized as a genius by the architectural community as well as the rest of the world, due to his numerous works including his advocacy for organic architecture, his skyscrapers, his museums, his radical ideas, but I think most notably, his profound understanding of what it means to be an architect.
Looking forward to it.

Saw a kid playing with a weird wheeling robot at dinner. Reminded me of kinetic architecture and “building as machines” by Corbusier. Napkin drawing.