Life Drawing Class

I went to my first life drawing class today. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but to my surprise, it was a very unique and charming experience. I’ve been currently working on my big painting, which I started around June of last year, if I can remember correctly. I got stuck on the scaling and the details, so I left it for a while, but now with all my free time, I’m picking it up again. It is a vertically stretched oil painting, illustrating a concept of ‘time’. I’d been having a difficult time drawing the details of people, so the class was very helpful. 
One of my first sketches. Charcoal.

“The figure presents many technical problems – form, structure, foreshortening and so on… But the nude figure also allows the artist to express a great deal about human nature. Stripped of the cultural baggage of clothing, the nude figure can express every aspect of humanity, from the heroic to the pathetic.”

Also, discovered a cute little shop at the Farmer’s Market in Granville Island that sells “architectural orgami”. Really neat stuff.