The Colour of My Dreams

Caught my eye while on a stroll. It looks like a horse.

And speaking of little random things, I visited the Art Gallery a couple days back to see some surrealist art. “The Colour of My Dreams” is the current exhibition, featuring prominent surrealist artists. However, I have to admit, my favorite part of the exhibition was the instillations (which I’m not sure whether they were part of the exhibition or the gallery) and the hall of mirrors.

Joan Miró, This is the Color of my Dreams
The opening piece. You can imagine, I was unimpressed.

The pieces that caught my eye.

Kurt Seligmann, Le cocon
Not sure what this one is… But stirred up some discussion as my friend failed to see what seems to be clearly the head of a dragon.
Diego Rivera, The Hands of Dr. Moore
Wolfgang Paalen, Taches Solaires
I really liked the smokey effect he achieved with the oil paint. He moved the paint with candlelight.
You must go see this one.
Paul Delvaux, Woman in the Mirror

“Wait let’s go that way because…”
“Well, no unless you wanna…”
“Oooooh that place seems nice let’s…”
-One sentence.