Stuart Richardson Residence (1940)

Glen Ridge, New Jersey
HW #20

We arrived unannounced as usual, but was welcomed by the owner who gave us a tour of the house. The house is based on a hexagonal grid, reflected in the concrete tiles. Every moving element, including doors and windows, open into the confines of the geometry. The entirety of the interior radiates a deep reddish brown tone with its reddish (cherry wood?) board and Cherokee red concrete tiles. I’m not sure how the ceiling of the living room is structurally supported but the wood boards are organized in a triangle and come down at the center, with its lowest point at the middle of the living room. With the tall french doors, clerestory windows, and lights placed at the edges, it allows light to accumulate at the perimeter of the living room, making the space appear larger. The descending of the ceiling boards also helps to divide the large living room into different sections, with the seating area feeling to be a different space from the dining area.