Elizabeth and Don C. Duncan Residence (1957)

Acme, Pennsylvania
HW #34

Finally, the third house in Polymath Park is an original Wright-designed home. However, the house had to be relocated from its original location, and had to be disassembled and reconfigured by workers who were not familiar with Wright’s method of construction. As a result, there’s an apparent flaw in the details – the wood batten doesn’t meet neatly at its corners and door frames don’t align neatly with the stone masonry or the horizontal wood batten, and etc. For occasional tourists these details can be overlooked for the overall experience, but the details make up such a huge part of Wright’s pathological design methods that it really took away from experiencing the house with full satisfaction. To make things worse, I was distracted by elements that were just way off- such as railings for the three steps lowering into the living room (Wright never used railings even for stairwells) and a massive extrusion in the middle of the kitchen wall for the oven from the other side (this is just weird).