Peter L. Lewis Building

Cleveland, Ohio

Located in Euclid University was Frank Gehry’s Peter L. Lewis Building. It was crazy, in a typical Gehry fashion. I love the open and “smooth”(?) spaces he creates with his crazy curves and intense dimensions. However, I have to admit, after seeing so many of Wright’s fanatically coherent designs – restricting the size of doors to match the grid of the building, the floor tiles reflecting the ceiling tiles, and detail after detail- it did bother me a bit to see the seemingly irrational movement of the defining curves. On his exterior facade, he uses the two materials most common in his buildings – brick and metal – and bends and deforms them at a non human scale. I liked his building in Boston better because it had extrusions on the slanted facade and balanced the whole composition, in contrast to the flat brick facade, although its showed off its unrealistically tapered corners. The interior was pure white with high ceilings and opens up the space, giving a feeling of circulating through or taking a journey through a narrow path, especially due to the distortion that only allows views towards the immediate path ahead. The massive, open space features a skylight above, which illuminates the curves of the white walls and its illumination is further accentuated with the linear fluorescent lights.