John A. Mosher Residence

It probably took us a good hour to find the house. We drove by it a couple of times with directions from the people in the area, but we just did not recognize it because it looks like this:

Wellington, Ohio
HW #40

The house belonged to the Eagles fraternity club along with the acres of land they’d purchased. Except one person, none of the members knew that it was a Wright building. The house just came with the land, and is now being rented out. The house is completely painted in white. At first, we were puzzled trying to figure out if it was it. However, few distinct characteristics were still apparent; the cantilevered overhang supported by two columns on its inner corners, frank Lloyd wright windows, wood batten running horizontally on the exterior. When we knocked on the door, a cannibalistic dog barked whole time we were on the property and almost jumped out the window to eat us. It was a horrid impression of the house. The house has a similar profile to Edward E. Boynton Residence (#8) in Rochester, New York.