Erling P. and Katherine Brauner Residence (1948)

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Okemos, Michigan
HW #50

The Brauner Residence was owned by one of the board members on the FLW Conservancy. He did not seem too happy about the cold call but he told us that the Goetsch-Winckler House had a similar open plan and could be associated to Fallingwater. The Brauner house itself is composed of concrete blocks, with its clerestory windows formed by interesting patterns cutting into the concrete. I’m assuming it’s made using the same technique as the concrete window blocks in the Turkel House (#47), with an exterior and interior side, sandwiching the glass. We were not able to take photos but the overhang of the entryway dropped down to about four feet, restricting entrance from the driveway, guiding visitors through the carport and providing privacy for the entrance door.