Milwaukee Art Museum (The Quadracci Pavilion)
Eero Saarinen
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As I’d expected, Calatrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum was a real beauty. The flow of white lines compose to create a form that arouses a sense of flight, and rests elegantly on the shoreline. (a) The meeting point between the two “wings” at the centerpoint forms the roof of the viewing space and the direction of the steel frames pull heads looking up, to the concentrated point at the top. (b) Every part of the structure is the ornament. To support the fluidity of his design, he uses reinforced concrete. The way he pulled light from the corner ceiling of the parking lot and tapered it down made the usually unpleasant parking lot a space to admire. (c) Similarly, he pulls light from both sides in the hallway. (d) He separates seating and circulation with a slight elevation of pathway on the side and helps users be mindful of the low arching column. I thought the building was by Eero Saarinen but research shows that it’s Calatrava..? Could definitely pass for either. Clarifications?