Rookery Building Entryway and Lobby Remodeling (1905)

Chicago, Illinois
HW #135

The building was designed by Burnham and Root, the Chicago architects of the 19th century who rebuilt most of the city. The building is one of the early commercial skyscrapers, where the usage of steel framing was implemented but the excessive ornamentation remained. The weight of the brick façade contrasts with the weightlessness of the open, skylit lobby, redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright. The double-story lobby embraces light with every detail.  The whole ceiling is translucent skylights held up by white window mullions that form geometric patterns resemble the shape of flowers. He encases the old copper surfaces with white marble, and engraves patterns in gold, the materials reflecting the natural light from above and illuminating the interior space. The ceiling lights resemble the ones he used later in Unity Chapel. The oriel staircase going from floor 2 to 12 spill out into the double story lobby.