Robert G. Emmond Residence (1892)

La Grange, Illinois
HW #140

The structure is composed of three basic geometrical forms. (a) The extruded triangle form of the roof is met with a secondary triangle facing its side, giving the side a flat façade, thus forming a third right triangle from the front façade. The triangular roof meets the hexagonal extrusion which forms the reception space. The cutout of the hexagonal roof cuts the main triangular form halfway and forms the base of a smaller triangle. Next to the extruded hexagon sits an extruded rectangle with an archway opening, forming the sunroom. This is the curved form of the composition, and the curve inside a rectangle resonates with the arched glass door with two squares flanked on its top sides. For an earlier Wright-designed home, it has a light-filled and open interior, with plenty of windows and high ceiling spaces.