Russell W. Kraus Residence

Kirkwood, Missouri
HW #166

The original owner of the house was Mr.Kraus, who was an artist. It was sold to the Conservancy in his later years, and now runs as a museum. The house sits on top of a hill, on an uneven groundlevel, where the garage is nestled inside the higher plane, with the brick retaining wall holding back the earth to form the carport. The house is based on an equilateral parallelogram module. Each structural wall that meet forms a 30 degree angle, with the exception of 2 right angles formed in the two bathrooms of the house. Even the two beds in the bedrooms were parallelograms. The house contains art-glass windows designed by Mr. Kraus, despite it being a Usonian (Wright stopped art glass with his prairie style designs). Instead of using the typical led canes with stained glass in between them, Mr. Kraus achieved a similar affect by placing formwork of his desired design and melting led(?) it directly onto the glass, resulting in the texture of the design’s outline appearing only on one side of the glass.