Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

Tadao Ando
St Louis, Missouri

I am a big fan of Tadao Ando, so when we heard that he’d designed an art gallery in Saint Louis, we had to stop by. I had only see his work in books and pictures, so when I saw the massive concrete block wall on the street façade, I must say, I was a little disappointed. The allure and calm that is portrayed in the photos was absent, only a monolithic wall that many architects and city planners would criticize for creating an uninviting, uninteresting and unsafe pedestrian walkway. The museum was closed, so we did not get a change to go inside, so my judgment is purely from an exterior point of view. I did see a glimpse of an appropriate Richard Serra sculpture from the outside, which, judging by its high curved wall, seems to provide a similar special experience as the amazing sculpture we visited at Dia Beacon, New York.