St. Louis Gateway Arch

Eero Saarinen
St Louis, Missouri
Eero Saarinen’s structural wonder was magnificent in scale and monumentality. The arch reaches the height of 192 meters and has a viewing point at the top of the arch. The lift slowly starts moving up, and when you feel the weight shifting horizontally, you know that you’re moving through the arch of the structure, getting closer to the top. We watched “Monument to the Dream” before going to the top, which talked about the building process and significance of the arch. The construction began in February 1963, and was completed in 1965. Although Eero Saarinen was the designer for the arch, the solution for its structure was configured by an engineer named Hannskarl Bandel. The nine hundred tons of stainless steel is supported with formed concrete up to 90 meters from the base, stabilized in the form of an equilaterally triangular base. Already assembled triangular steel sections were placed one on top of another, each one smaller than the one before as it progresses to the sky. Both legs of the arch had to be put up simultaneously, with the last section joining the two legs together. Two years of relentless work was finally completed with a cheering audience, marking the day as a triumphant historical event.