Community Christian Church (1940)

Kansas City, Missouri
HW #169

Built on a parking lot structure, the mass of the church embodies large broad planes rather than the typical pointed shape of a church. Our tour guide told us that the previous church was destroyed under a fire and during the fire, a staff member ran inside the building to grab the plans of the building. So when they commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to redesign the building, he worked off of the existing design of the church, while also incorporating his own parallelogram module. The roof is uniquely characterized by the “spire of light”, where Wright envisioned light from cutouts of a perforated dome shooting straight into the sky for miles. This effect could not be achieved due to the technical limitations of the time, but has been re-engineered with lightbulbs of 40000 volts of electricity and the “spire of light” can be spotted on weekend nights.