Demolitions and developments

It’s crazy how fast Toronto’s office developments have been going lately. This was a lively restaurant just by our site in between Adelaide and Temperance. The photo was taken mid September. Now it’s… Continue reading

Mathematician’s Studio

Tectonics and Materiality talks about the meaning and poetics of materials and construction forms, and the translation of these materials into experiential form and cultural meaning. As details, especially joints, connect different elements… Continue reading

New York

New York, New York Where better to spend reading break than in New York? Every time I visit the big city, depending on who I come with and when, I have a completely… Continue reading

Nuit Blanche

One of Toronto’s biggest art shows happen all throughout the streets of downtown. From 7pm to sunrise, Nuit Blanche showcases a huge variety of exhibitions on the streets, inside museums, parking lots, parks,… Continue reading

Dangerous Creatures

    Santa Fe, New Mexico The land is getting drier and windier as we drive along, as we near New Mexico. Signs of rattlesnates are everywhere.


Although there weren’t any houses in Dallas, we made a pitstop at the motel because it was getting too late. We decided to go try the infamous Texas steak at Cowtown Diner in… Continue reading

Goff Residence #3

Bartlesville, Oklahoma The horizontality of Wright’s designs are apparent, but Goff uses the diagonal steel frames for stark contrast, as he did in the Redeemer Church. His usage of the diamond forms give… Continue reading

Goff Residence #2

Bartlesville, Oklahoma The owner of the second Goff house welcomed us in. The interior was well detailed wood and stone, with intricate window cuts. The flow from entrance to living space was quite… Continue reading

Goff Residence #1

Bartlesville, Oklahoma On top of his sculptural pieces, Bruce Goff also designed a number of residential homes in Bartlesville. His designs are a unique part of Bartlesville’s character.  

Christ Redeemer Church

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Another Bruce Goff design is the Christ Redeemer Church, which is now being used as a youth center. He often used found materials, and the broken glass pieces are from the… Continue reading