Space Rocket

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Bruce Goff was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his architecture is reminescent of Wright’s style with a contemporary twist. He designed the Space Rocket in Bartlesville near the Price… Continue reading

Harold Price, Jr. Residence / “Hillside” (1953)

Couldn’t see.

Price Tower (1952)

Bartlesville, Oklahoma HW #172 After a good 3 hour drive, we finally finished listening to the Fountainhead and arrived in Bartlesville, to Price Tower. After the design of Wingspread, Mr.Price commissioned Frank Lloyd… Continue reading


Wichita, Kansas Across the Convention Center was a brutalist building that I very much enjoyed.

Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center

John Hickman Wichita, Kansas From an information board at the Corbin Center, we were led to believe that Frank Lloyd Wright had a part in designing Wichita’s performing arts center. When we got… Continue reading

Corbin Education Center

Wichita, Kansas HW #171 As one of Frank Lloyd Wrights last buildings, the university building definitely has some unique elements. The Education Center consists of two buildings, separated by an esplanade with a… Continue reading

Henry J. Allen-Lambe Residence (1915)

Wichita, Kansas HW #170 The house claims to be the last of the prairie-style houses. The expansive red tile roofline shows a Japanese influence and the concrete cube supports sitting above the brick… Continue reading

Community Christian Church (1940)

Kansas City, Missouri HW #169 Built on a parking lot structure, the mass of the church embodies large broad planes rather than the typical pointed shape of a church. Our tour guide told… Continue reading

Clarence Sondern Residence (1939)

Kansas City, Missouri HW #168 The Usonian home is a single level, flat roof structure in brick and Cypress. We received a quick tour of the home, and were told that a number… Continue reading

Frank Bott Residence (1956)

Kansas City, Missouri HW #167 The stone desert masonry is created by stacking irregular rubble stone in formwork and pouring concrete in, allowing it to dry with the stone finish on the surface.… Continue reading