Madison – Milwaukee

Wednesday, July 4th. #102. Eugene Van Tamelen House (1956)5817 Anchorage Road, Madison, Wisconsin The Tamelen Residence is one of Wright’s Prefab #1 houses, characteristic of being constructed with a masonry core and exterior… Continue reading

The Wainwright Building (1890)

Adler & Sullivan St Louis, Missouri “the very first human expression of a tall steel office-building as Architecture.” – FLW

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Eero Saarinen St Louis, Missouri Eero Saarinen’s structural wonder was magnificent in scale and monumentality. The arch reaches the height of 192 meters and has a viewing point at the top of the… Continue reading

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

Tadao Ando St Louis, Missouri I am a big fan of Tadao Ando, so when we heard that he’d designed an art gallery in Saint Louis, we had to stop by. I had… Continue reading

Russell W. Kraus Residence

Kirkwood, Missouri HW #166 The original owner of the house was Mr.Kraus, who was an artist. It was sold to the Conservancy in his later years, and now runs as a museum. The… Continue reading

Lawrence Memorial Library (1905)

Springfield, Illinois HW #164 Wright designed a small library room inside a school. He divides the room with the “gates” to go between the bookshelves. Verticality, rather than horizontality, is emphasized in this… Continue reading

Dana-Thomas Residence (1902)

Springfield, Illinois HW #163 The house was commissioned by Miss Dana, a socialite who inherited a large sum of money from her father. With the financial flexibility and encouragements from the client, Wright… Continue reading


A Magnificent Sky on our drive.

Edward P. Irving Residence

Decatur, Illinois HW #162 When we got to the house it was already dark and we could not knock or look around. A distinct prairie style house, interesting patterns sit below the windows… Continue reading

Warren Hickox Residence (1900)

Kankakee, Illinois HW #161 Neighboring the Bradley Residence is a Wright Tudor-style home. It has large gabled roofs and Cherokee red tall window mullions that extend vertically, but remains unique with its deep… Continue reading