B. Harley Bradley Residence, “Glenlloyd” (1900)

Kankakee, Illinois HW #160 We arrived at the house while the staff was having a long meeting, so we waited around to see if anyone would come show us around. Unfortunately, we only… Continue reading

Frank L. Smith Bank (1905)

Dwight, Illinois HW #159 The flat stone façade conceals Wright’s organization of spaces, but maybe that’s preferable for the function of banks. The bank is so old that its bank machines are plastic… Continue reading

Farnsworth House (1951)

Mies van der Rohe Plano, Illinois Here is another milestone in Modern architecture, the Farnsworth House. And like many others who were the first of its kind, this innovative structure suffered much scrutiny,… Continue reading

William B. Greene Residence (1912)

Aurora, Illinois HW #158 Common elements in his early houses are apparent: hipped roof, plaster surfaces, and wood trim. Window frames divide the rectangular windows into squares and smaller geometries, instead of using… Continue reading

George W. Smith Residence (1896)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #157 Each triangular roof is flanked at its perimeter with a drastically shallower slope.

Franscisco Terrace Apartments for Edward Carson Waller (1895) (archway only)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #156

Scoville Park Fountain (1903)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #155

George Furbeck Residence (1897)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #154 The low, cylindrical coned roofs on either sides second story structure discretely reflects the low triangular roof of the entrance, first flory structure.

Charles E. Roberts Stable (ca. 1900)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #153 Designed originally as a stable, the house sits far back in its lot, the long path meeting the vertical extrusion of the chimney.

Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodelling (1896)

Oak Park, Illinois HW #152